Reiki Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some FAQ’s about Reiki.If you have a question that is not answered here please use the contact us page to ask!

Remember the only silly question is the one not asked 🙂

What is Reiki?

Please click here for a detailed explanation of what Reiki is.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

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Do you offer a certificate with the attunement process?

Certificates are only given if ordered separately than the attunement itself. It is done this way because many do not care about the certificate.

If you want one you can purchase a printed certificate with our Light And Love Reiki seal on it here. Otherwise, if you request we will send a blank digital certificate that you can fill in yourself.

Does being attuned to Reiki by you register me or certify me with any organizations?

No, since there is no governing body out there that is an “official” reiki club or organization – there is no registration. Some modalities such as Karuna Reiki (r) and Lightarian Reiki Systems offer registration upon completion of their systems that I can register you with upon completing those courses with me.

Can you self treat with Reiki?

Yes, treating yourself with Reiki is the first step! You also receive Reiki when sending it to others.

Does Reiki flow from both hands evenly or is there a dominant hand?

Since Reiki is Universal Life Force energy, it flows from ones hands equally – there is not a dominant hand with Reiki as there are with some other energy systems.

Should I expect any side effects?

Sometimes, and only some people feel a side effect such as being energized after receiving a Reiki session or attunement. Sometimes some people feel tired in which case that is the energy detoxing their bodies. Reiki can do no harm so Reiki can not make you sick, but sometimes only some people have reiki “side effects” in which case drinking lots of water, eating healthy meals and doing daily self Reiki treatments will help easy any energy detoxing you might be going through. When your body is detoxing from energy it is releasing negative energy within your aura and physical body, but it is not the Reiki itself making you feel tired or like you are detoxing.

What is the 21 day detox?

The 21 day detox begins after one receives an attunement. Some people go through a period of detoxing and some do not experience anything. The process of energy detoxing is directly related to your own personal history with working with energy and how healthy you feel to begin with. Many people who have been working with Reiki for years and have a rather clean energy system, experience no sort of detoxification. Those that have a lot of negative energy to process, are typically the ones that need to be extra loving to themselves and drink plenty of water, eat healthy, get enough sleep and do daily Reiki and the detox will have you feeling clearer very soon. Often times during the first or first few attunements, you may notice that you feel lighter, you may want to change unhealthy lifestyle habits or even just notice you are in a better mood. This is what it feels like to have a healthy energy body –  enjoy!

Does Reiki work on a specific healing issue?

You can heal anything with Reiki!

It is truly up to the individual person how the healing works. Sometimes it is not in their path to be healed with Reiki energy, but the Reiki will help them with the transition they are going through. You can send Reiki for any purpose, from a headache to help with cancer. Will Reiki heal everything – no. It can and often does help, but in all honesty it is not up to the Reiki practitioner to heal anyone, it is up to the individual and their path.

What is the difference between an attunement and reiki session?

By receiving an attunement, a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) opens up pathways within your aura to allow you to become a channel for Reiki energy.

A Reiki session allows the Reiki practitioner (not necessarily a Reiki teacher) to send healing energy someone.

How long does a Reiki session last?

It depends on the type of Reiki used and how much time you have. A Reiki practitioner can use a modality that is quick and fast and send a Reiki session for you in a short amount of time like 10 minutes. Likewise a Reiki practitioner can also do a full chakra balancing session on you, that can last 45-70 minutes. You do not need to have a long session with a Reiki practitioner for it to be helpful. Talk with your Reiki practitioner and ask them how long it may take.

Should I learn Reiki or just receive it?

I believe that most people should learn Reiki. I love to focus my own personal work on Reiki as teaching it, but I do also do Reiki sessions. The reason I love to focus my energy on teaching it is because I believe learning how to channel Reiki energy is empowering and helpful to everyone – not just people who are sick or ill.

Who can benefit from Reiki?

EVERYONE. EVERYTHING! Humans, our world, animals, plants, computers, cars, houses, boats, oceans, desks, literally everything can benefit from Reiki. The entire universe is made up of an intricate tapestry of energy and therefore working with Reiki energy can and does help heal and send positive energy to everyone and everything!

What does Reiki feel like?

Reiki varies between person to person, some feel nothing – some feel cold, hot, tingles, waves of energy, slight goose bumps and a myriad of other things. Reiki is different for everyone and therefore it is impossible for me to tell you exactly what you will feel or sense during a Reiki session or Reiki attunement. The best advise on what I can give you as far as “feeling” Reiki, is to not expect anything in particular and just take notice on any sensations you may feel. What is important to know, is that whatever you do or do not feel is in perfect alignment with you and the situation you are presented in – so don’t feel bad if you do not feel anything.

Will a Reiki practitioner even run out of Reiki energy?

No, since the Reiki practitioner is using the Universal Life-Force Energy, you can never run out of Reiki!

When you are giving a Reiki treatment to someone, you are giving of your time and your intent to assist, but you are not giving away any of your own energy. Reiki is in infinite supply. It never runs out.

What are the hand positions?

Hand positions are places that a Reiki practitioner will place his or her hands to allow the reiki to flow to certain areas of the body. In some forms of Reiki the hand positions are not important, in other forms of Reiki they are very important.

What is Reiki called “smart energy”?

Reiki is considered “smart energy” because it truly knows and goes to where it is needed the most. For example if you hurt your foot and I wanted to give you Reiki energy, you could hold my hand, I could ask for the Reiki energy to flow and it would know to go to where you are hurting.

Namaste, Rev. Starlene Breiter RMT (Reiki Master Teacher)


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