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The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra. Energetically the throat chakra vibrates to the color blue.


LOCATION: The Throat Chakra is located at the bottom of the neck in the throat area.

PHYSICALLY: The throat chakra governs the thyroid, parathyroids, throat, mouth and teeth. It also governs your voice and creativity. The throat chakra activates during  the ages 29 through 35. Whatever happens from ages 29 to 35 years of age effects the throat chakra. If you have had some trauma in that time period and find yourself to be unbalanced it is probable that it is a throat chakra issue.

BALANCED ENERGY: When one has a strong throat chakra they are very open creatively and feel that they can express themselves easily. Usually they are able to meditate well and can seek bliss through meditation. Most people who are connected with their throat chakra are artistic and able to express themselves in some artistic way, weather through dance, painting, drawing, speaking, singing or the like.

UNBALANCED ENERGY: When one has an under active throat chakra they tend to be shy and not able to speak up for themselves. They can also be manipulative and unreliable. When one has an over active throat chakra they can be arrogant, self-righteous, dogmatic addictive or talk excessively.

GEMSTONES: Turquoise, chrysocolla, blue topaz, aquamarine, iolite and lapis lazuli.

HOW TO BALANCE: You can easily balance this chakra by singing, humming chanting or even taking a walk and breathing deep as you look at the blue sky above.

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