Third Eye Chakra Information


The Third Eye Chakra, is sometimes referred to as the Brow Chakra, it is the sixth chakra. Energetically the third eye chakra vibrates to the color Indigo.

SANSKRIT NAME: Ajna (to perceive)

LOCATION: The Third eye chakra is located at the base of the skull at the medulla oblongata and is between the two physical eyes and in the middle of the head.

PHYSICALLY: The third eye governs the pineal gland, pituitary glands, brain, eyes, ears, nose. It also governs the sinuses. The third eye chakra activates during the ages 36 through 42. Whatever happens from ages 36 to 42 years of age affects the third eye chakra. If you have had some trauma in that time period and find yourself to be unbalanced it is probable that it is a third eye
chakra issue.

BALANCED ENERGY: When this chakra is balanced one will feel connected to their intuitive self. They may feel complete without having to have someone to make them feel complete. Not to say balanced third eye chakras do not have mates, but rather they understand we are all connected and they do not necessarily need someone to feel whole. Balanced third eye chakras also are not attached to material things and are connected to the Universe and are able to receive guidance from others.

UNBALANCED ENERGY: An over active third eye chakra can be someone who is manipulative, proud, and authoritative person or someone dogmatic. An
under active third eye chakra can be someone who is oversensitive to the feelings of others. Non-assertive, fearful of success and in extreme cases can be schizophrenic (unable to distinguish between Ego self and Higher self).

GEMSTONES: Amethyst, lapis lazuli, azurite, sodalite, quartz crystal, sapphire.

HOW TO BALANCE: You can balance your third eye chakra by meditating and imagining a violet-blue ray coming into your third eye chakra. You can also place a crystal pyramid on your third eye as you meditate.

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