Solar Plexus Chakra Information


The Solar Plexus Chakra is the third chakra. Energetically the solar plexus chakra vibrates the color yellow and is significantly important in our knowledge and understanding of what we are. It is one of the main power chakras in our spiritual bodies.

SANSKRIT NAME: Manipura (lustrous jewl)

LOCATION: The Solar Plexus Chakra is located midway between the navel and the base of the sternum.

PHYSICALLY: The Solar Plexus chakra governs the spleen, pancreas, stomach, and liver. The Solar Plexus chakra also governs how we feel about ourselves and how we feel others perceive us. This is the area of the personality, the ego, and the intellect. The solar plexus chakra activates during the ages 15 through 21. Whatever happens from ages 15 to 21 years of age effects the solar plexus chakra. If you have had some trauma in that time period and find yourself to be unbalanced it is probable that it is a solar plexus chakra issue.

BALANCED ENERGY: When one has a strong Solar Plexus chakra they are confident, aware, alert, and connected to the spiritual realm. Many people that are mediums and connect with the spirit realm do it through their solar plexus chakra. People with a balanced solar plexus chakra are outgoing, cheerful and self-respectful.

UNBALANCED ENERGY: Signs of an over active solar plexus chakra are judgmental, workaholic, perfectionist, overly intellectual, may need drugs to relax, sexually inhibited, can’t show emotional warmth. Sings of an under active solar plexus chakra are jealousy, insecurity, distrustful, confused and lack of confidence.

GEMSTONES: Citrine, tigers eye, gold topaz, amber, rutilated quartz, and gold calcite.

HOW TO BALANCE: You can help to balance your solar plexus chakra by breathing through your diaphragm, rubbing your belly or meditating on confidence or wearing citrine.


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