Sacral Chakra Information


The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra. Energetically the sacral chakra vibrates to the color orange. The sacral chakra governs our sense of smell, our taste and sensuality. 

SANSKRIT NAME: Svadhisthana (sweetness)

LOCATION: The sacral chakra is located below our navel and sits above the root chakra.

PHYSICALLY: The sacral chakra governs sexual and reproductive organs, it also governs the pancreas, spleen and intestines. Skin, kidney, mammary glands. Ovaries, testicles, prostrate, spleen. When the sacral chakra is unbalanced one can have problems in any of these physical areas. The sacral chakra activates at age 8 and governs the spiritual body from ages 8-14.
Whatever happens from 8 to 14 years of age affects the sacral chakra. If you have had some trauma in that time period and find yourself to be unbalanced it is probable that it is a sacral chakra issue.

BALANCED ENERGY: Warmth, feeling connected with others. Content, good sense of what one wants and desires. Confidant sexually but not over confidant.

UNBALANCED ENERGY: The over active sacral chakra person may have trouble with their own sexuality, sense of smell, touch or taste. They may have an explosive emotional capacity or even view people as sex objects. They can also go to the other side of the spectrum and be prude sexually and completely closed off in a sexual manner as well.

GEMSTONES: Carnelian, coral, amber and tiger eye.

HOW TO BALANCE: Express your creativity, dance, listen to music or do something that wakes up your senses.


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