Crown Chakra Information

Crown chakra

The Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra. Energetically the crown chakra vibrates to the color purple. The sacral chakra governs our connection to Our Source.

SANSKRIT NAME: Sahasrara (thousand-fold)

LOCATION: The crown chakra is located at the top of your head and radiates out into the Universe.

PHYSICALLY: The crown chakra governs the pituitary, pineal, nervous system, brain. Cerebral cortex and right eye. The crown chakra activates during the ages 43 through 49. Whatever happens from ages 43 to 49 years of age affects the crown chakra. If you have had some trauma in that time period and find yourself to be unbalanced it is probable that it is a crown chakra issue.

Once you have completed the year 49 your return to the root chakra and start the cycle of the chakras over, beginning with the root chakra. The things that you have not cleared up by that time often come back at you full force if not addressed previously. This is why often times we have “mid-life” crisis and such.

BALANCED ENERGY: A balances crown chakra is one that is connected to Spirit or God. However it is that you define our creator a balances crown chakra is the tell-tale sign of someone who is connected. Usually the crown chakra is either open or closes, not often is it in the middle somewhere.

UNBALANCED ENERGY: Someone with a weak crown chakra can be catatonic or have a loss of joy, they may feel cut off or separated from the
universe. Someone with an overly excessive crown chakra can have migraine headaches, feel frustrated or destructive, or unorganized.

GEMSTONES: Amethyst, diamond, sugillate, purple fluorite, quartz crystal.

HOW TO BALANCE: You can balance your crown chakra by meditating, using a guided meditation, visualizing and having a peaceful environment. You can also turn off gratuitous noises such as the TV, radio or even computer so you can be peaceful within yourself and listen to your own inner voice.

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