Starlene’s Reiki Special ~ Good until December 26, 2013

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Starlene’s Reiki Special ~ Good until December 26, 2013
This special is a for Reiki attunements: You do not need to complete all of the attunements before any specific time, you can take your time receiving them or get them all sent via chi ball.

Choose any 6 attunements for $108 (that’s $18 each!!) 6 attunements for $108 CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

Choose any 10 attunements for $150 (that is $15 each!!) 10 attunements for $150 CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Choose any 15 attunements for $180 (that is $12 each!!) 15 attunements for $180 CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Choose any 30 attunements for $300 (that is $10 each!!) 30 attunements for $300 CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Choose any 75 attunements for $600 (that’s  $8 each!!!) 75 attunements for $600 CLICK HERE TO ORDER

I am only selling this big package to 3 people (make that ONE more person). Once those 3 people have purchased this big package of 75 attunements I will not offer it anymore and will post it here on the web page. Even if that is the first day I start this ad I will close it, as I do not want to overwhelm myself. So if your interested, get it while you can!

Look below for the items you can choose from.

Blank Certificates will be offered with this, that is it. If you want printed certificates please contact me and I will send you an invoice for them, they are $10 each. I will send you them when all of your attunements are completed! (Each modality level is considered 1 attunement, IF it is written on a separate line here, such as Celtic 1, Celtic 2, Celtic 3 – if you wanted all 3 levels that would count as 3 attunements)

  • Angels of the Earth
  • Animal Path Healing
  • Aphrodite Beauty Ray
  • Aquamarine Dolphin Healing
  • Attraction Reiki I
  • Attraction Reiki II
  • Attraction Reiki III
  • Aura Empowerment
  • Celtic Wisdom
  • Celtic Reiki I
  • Celtic Reiki II
  • Celtic Reiki III
  • Companion Angel
  • Crystal Devas
  • Crystal Reiki
  • Dolphin Breath
  • Dragonfly Empowerment
  • Elven Shamanic Healing
  • Energy and Magic of the Fairies
  • Faery/Avalon Reiki
  • Feathers of an Angel
  • Flame of Love
  • Full Spectrum Light
  • Gaia Now
  • Good Fortune & Prosperity
  • Green Tara Seichim
  • Jesus & Mary Empowerment
  • Kundalini I
  • Kundalini II
  • Kundakini III
  • Kundalinin Boosters (all 6)
  • Money Reiki Practitioner
  • Money Reiki Master
  • Moon Reiki
  • New Usui 1-2-3
  • Psychic Protection Flame
  • Purple Reiki
  • Sacred Earth
  • Spirit Reiki
  • Telepathy Empowerment
  • Tiger Reiki
  • Wisdom of Merlin
  • Zapharel Light or Passion and Enthusiasm (if receiving any of the Zapharel
  • attunements you must receive this one first)
  • Zapharel Light of Clear Vision & Understanding
  • Zapharel Light of Protection & Guidance
  • Zapharel Light of Love & Acceptance
  • Zapharel Diamond of Zapharel
  • Usui I
  • Usui II
  • Usui III
  • Usui Grand Master
  • 7 Facet Seichim
  • 49 angelic Symbols
  • Akashic Records
  • Angel Stones
  • Aurora Reiki
  • Bat Empowerment
  • Celtic Reiki
  • Colors of Angels
  • Dolphin Trilogy
  • Dragon Ki
  • Dragonfly Empowerment
  • Elemental Reiki
  • Ethereal Crystals
  • Ethereal Herbs I
  • Ethereal Herbs II
  • Ethereal Flowers I
  • Ethereal Flowers II
  • Etheric Herbs
  • Excalibur
  • Fairy Light RayKey
  • Fairy Realms Reiki
  • Full Spectrum Healing
  • First Light Attunement
  • Gold Reiki (must be kundalini master to get this one)
  • I AM
  • Ki Manna
  • Lavender Flame  Reiki
  • Light Dream Reiki
  • Lotus Petal Reiki
  • Merfolk Reiki
  • One Spirit 1 & 2
  • Orb of Life
  • OBE Reiki
  • Orgone Reiki
  • Run Valdr
  • Sacred Breath
  • Sacred Moon
  • Seichim Reiki
  • Shaman Empowerment
  • Self Love Reiki
  • Soulmate Reiki
  • Violet Flame Reiki
  • White Dove Reiki
  • Above The Radar
  • Agape Reiki
  • Amethyst Fairy Orb
  • Lightning Reiki
  • Buddha’s Bliss
  • Wolf Empowerment
  • Transparency Reiki
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Self Love Reiki

(Most of the above attunements can be found written about on this website, click here, some are not – yet. We are working on putting them all up, if you want more information about one that is not written on the site, just let me know and I can email it to you or get it up right away.) THESE BRAND NEW ATTUNEMENTS THAT I HAVEN’T EVEN  LISTED ON MY WEBSITE YET – ARE included as options for this offer!!

  • Gold Beam of the Sun
  • Starlight Reiki
  • Star of Isis
  • Miraculous Vessels
  • Purple Fire for Karma Healing
  • Crystal Dragons
  • Transparency Reiki
  • Whole Self Attunement
  • Elixirs I
  • Elixirs II
  • Snow Leopard
  • Rainforest Reiki
  • Flowers Attunement
  • Shamballa MDH I
  • Shamballa MDH II
  • Shamballa MDH III
  • Shamballa MDH IV

These new attunements will be priced once I write my articles about them, some of them will be over $40-50 each, so if your interested in them, be sure to get them for this amazing rate while you can! Namaste, Rev. Starlene Breiter RMT (Reiki Master Teacher) line_star_rainbow Articles written by Starlene Breiter RMT. © Rocks And Reiki, Inc. Duplication of this article in parts or its entirety, either written, printed or posted on website or blog MUST have written permission from Starlene Breiter to do so. If not you are in violation of copyright laws and subject to further action being pursued. Click here to read more about our copyright information.

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