Reiki Gift

Namaste Spirits ~

I was just thinking of you all and just wanted to share a little gift for everyone for saying thanks for being in my life!

Often times we go through life so busy and don’t always take the time to stop and appreciate everyone as we should or would like to… So this is one of my ways of saying thanks to everyone that made it to this page,,, for being part of my life, now and in the future and sharing yourselves with me.

This attunement is a self applied attunement, just call it in as you are reading it. I felt such a peaceful and loving energy when I was reading it, it was so beautiful! Make sure you download the manual so you will have it because I wont keep it up here forever…

Thank you and many blessings.

Love, Starlene Breiter

Click the picture below to receive the Accepting Abundance Level I Manual & call down the attunement.

(this offer has expired – a new one will eventually be in its place!)

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