Reiki Bank, inc.

Welcome to the Reiki Bank, via Light And Love Reiki, School.

We are a free to use “Reiki Bank” that is filled with positive Reiki healing energy. You can help grow the Reiki Bank by adding some Reiki to it simply by beaming Reiki to the pictures below. 

Reiki Bank, inc.

Reiki Bank, inc. image

You can listen to some music while you are here – and feel free to download this image to your computer, phone or other device and send or receive Reiki with this picture anytime!


If you are in need of some Reiki, simply gaze at the photo and you will receive Reiki from the Reiki Bank. This bank is a place of calmness, tranquility and peace and while here you might feel soothing emotions, calm nerves and a feeling of wellness.  You can even click the link above to open a soothing sound file and listen to some music while you are here.

The only thing the Reiki Bank asks for you is to come back often and make withdraws or deposits — whatever you need — as this group effort will allow a continual stream of Reiki energy to be available throughout the world!

Some FAQ’s about the Reiki Bank

*You can bookmark us – even share us on Facebook or other social networks!

*You can download the picture above and use it as a desktop background, or even print it out and put it somewhere you see often. I personally took the picture one afternoon while cloud gazing in my yard – I see a giant heart that is being pieced back together and put in a beautiful healing state. – What do you see in it?

*Come as often as you like, stay as often as you wish <3

MUSIC: “Eastminster” from Royalty Free by Kevin MacLeod. Released: 2010.

Namaste, Rev. Starlene Breiter RMT (Reiki Master Teacher)

Articles written by Starlene Brieter RMT, PAC

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