Chakra Sounds Information

Each of the chakras correspond with a different sound or tone. You are able to help balance your chakras by listening to these sounds or tones. The sounds can be made from musical instruments, vibration or chanting.

The sounds that correspond with each chakra are as follows

Root – Lam

Sacral – Vam

Solar Plexus – Ram

Heart – Yam

Throat – Ham

Third Eye – Aum

Crown – NG

Warning: do not chant the crown chakra when you do not have a strong root chakra, you need a strong foundation to do so.

By chanting or singing the sounds of the chakras, you can help to open them up and keep the chakras their proper color. Just concentrate on each chakra and chant the sound of the chakra while imagining it spinning in a clockwise direction. (some see chakras spinning in different directions and that is OK too). When doing this exercise it is best to work from the root chakra up to the crown chakra as it is important for you to have a balanced foundation before moving up.

You can also find some amazing singing bowls that will make the sounds of the chakras, those are wonderful to use and/or just to listen to. You can either buy the bowls themselves and work on them yourself, which I must add is wonderful therapy in itself. Or you can buy CD’s and use those in your healing and work with the chakras that way, which is nice also. I have a chakra singing bowl music set that I use when doing a Reiki chakra balancing session. I listen to the singing bowls as they help me clear, stabilize and open the chakras during the balancing session.

Most of all when working with these exercises of the chakras and their sounds, do what feels good to you. As I tell my students some things like sound or feeling, just “feel” right with one, and the next student seeing and vibration are right for them. When learning a certain subject, try everything you are interested in about it and see what resonates with you the best.

Here is a really cool video I found on YouTube by Michael Waterman on the 7 chakras and their sounds, listen to it and relax as you meditate on your chakras, it will start with the root and travel up.

Namaste, Rev. Starlene Breiter RMT (Reiki Master Teacher)


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